2014-11-30 17.55.32

The Not Zoomed In Picture Of UpsideDownSteve


Zoomed In picture

 I was downloading a skin I thought It would be funny if I got an upside down steve skin

The Picture

After I opened it to make sure it was upside down when ,I opened it, it started playing eerie sounds that no human or anything could  possibly. make I tried moving my cursor to close the picture (The Picture Looked Like Steve Normally)

It changed its picture it was completly black, I then tried turning my computer off I had to look away from the screen to do that when I looked back it said it was shutting down I was so relived that it was shutting down.

Then It Happend

I was covering my eyes because I was relived then after I took them off my face I realized there was a black figure standing in front of me. As soon as I realized it was their I immediately punched but, then I started getting sucked in soon after I opened my eyes I realized I was the picture now on black tiles ,then upside down steves started to appear when I touched one it jump scared me with the same figure that I tried to punch then I was suddenly transported to where I was before my computer then was fully shut down when I turned it back on Steve.png was gone ,then when I looked in my history I saw nothing of then after I tried going to that link it said PAGE 404 ERROR and I never saw it again 4 other people have witnessed this and had the same thing happen but, one things for sure don't try going to the site it may work but, this will happen. There have been seeings of Upside down Steve but, when you get close enough to see his skin good enough he disappears this only happens if  you have downloaded UpsideDownCoolSteve.

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