This pasta is NOT real, so DON'T believe it

Imagine that you are mining in a mineshaft alone. As you got some iron ore, you decided to

leave. You leaped into your minecraft and drove. But at some distance, you see a figure. You got closer, until you saw it has a ore texture with redstone. When you were about to hit the creature, you closed your eyes, expecting to hear a collision sound. But somehow, when you opened your eyes, the figure had disappeared. Your minecart was still driving. After days, you never came to the mineshaft ever again...

The Stone Spectre was a expected phantom of the mineshafts of minecraft. It is believed to possess villagers and trade "Item:StoneSpectre". Anyone who bought it for 2 emeralds will be infected with blindness and the victim will die within 4 hours. The item texture was unknown. Police were very unlikely if this was a hacker or a real phantom. Victims had been found dead with massive stone slabs stuck in their necks with blood spurting out. Their heads were burned and melted into ther skulls, then was marked with the roman numbers. The first victim had I. So far no one happens to be the second victim, but it it unlikely.

The Stone Spectre appearing in physical is very rare to players, in fact super rare. Only 12% users worldwide has seen him physically. Reports of it involves in collision and sudden invisibility. But the texture was always the same:Redstone skin.

Rumors said Stone Spectre was a minecraft fan who died in a horrible accident.

In the modern 2017, minecraft players have reported to Mojang seeing a figure in front of them while riding a minecart and disappearing when impact. Notch somehow said all of this is an hoax and all is fake, but when a new guy was found death with his skull marked with II, Notch became serious.

Stone Spectre become the number #1 on watch list. Notch was still trying to found out who was this msyterious entity, and recently, 48% of minecraft players worldwide have seen Stone Spectre disappearing when almost impact with mine carts.

On April 12th 2017 Sunday, a minecraft player named ZAsGeas have sent an email to Mojang about his contact with the Stone Spectre.

"It was standing in front of my minecart," he says. "I stopped it. I opened my eyes, and saw the Stone Spectre. He was still standing in front of me, but his skin has blood dripping from his mouth. Then, he disappered, leaving a sign that said I am WATCHING or something."

Notch said ZAsGeas must contact him if he finds the Stone Spectre again.