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Hey guys. My name is ElectroAaronDYnamix, aka CyberAaronGamer and Aaronmythunter. I am a moderator in this wiki. I want to tell you about my story, and this may not include some real date(2015,2016,2015etc).


This was the first time I made my account:Aaronmythunter. I mostly got active in GTAmyths wiki. I wrote theories and myths back then. I never got too much popularity. I had no profile pics, since there was a bug at changing pictures in ios. I just got 2 badges there, since I don't know what they meant. People had to correct my sentences.


I now mostly went to FNAFwiki and wrote therories purple guy and Freddy, and failed to do so. I got told by people I was wrong and shouldn't have done that. I then went to FNACwiki and edited the Penguin page, because in the game, it said either "may I take your order?" or "Can I take your order?". I wrote and edited that, and got blocked by this admin. Fueled with anger and sadness, I left the wiki and the bad side brainwashed me. I became a hacker in Minecraft. I hacked other accounts and trolled people. I couldn't stop. I tried even to hack wiki accounts, but didn't succeed. After about days later, rage cooled down. And I was normal again. I had no profile pics.


I liked writing stories and share them with my friends. I still went to GTAmyths wiki, until I need something more than that. At the nearest ending of 2016, I found this wiki. I was very happy I found it. There wasn't the trollpasta war, and I wrote my very first page called:The lumbering jack. It was on the popular pages and the most visited articles.I was just a wiki contributer. I earned badges quickly and started going up on the top contributes, until i was number one. This is the day I got the bio hazard (green) profile pic. Hazardguy43,SPC-deadlock,etc, are nice guys and can help you. A red bio hazard soldier was changed for a short period of time. My former avatars was a rainbow bio hazard pic, alien pic, wolf eye pic, a gaming pichu pic, cyber skull, phoenix, PopularMMOS, Electrodynamix, Tattletail, Fnaf, ElectroAaron,


I am just a normal person walking in a colorful garden, hunting for myths and legends, playing some games in the free time. We all celebrated happy new year and nothing bad happened, until peace ended suddenly.

2017 War III

One user called "ThatGuyEntity" came to this wikia. He then suddenly asked for moderator rights. Of course, Deadlock rejected it due to his 0% help. ThatGuyEntity tried to lie that he was nice and helped the wikia, but failed to do so.

After some days, he created a fraud wikia called "Minecraftcreepypasta2wiki" that angered the admins and moderators of this wikia. In his own wikia, his behavior was extreme that he insulted Deadlock and other moderators. I tried to tell him that he needed to stop the war and have peace with Deadlock, only to get a ban with the most disturbing reason I've ever seen in my life:

Reason:(For being a bit*h)

I became so angry, in fact, I spammed the wikia with random songs like PPAP and satanic words. Even worse, people started to join them. I was begining to worry about Deadlock, chicken, hazard, Fico, Nk and others.


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aDeadlock told the fandom staff and they have finally took action. They blocked ThatGuyEntity and deleted his wikia, and we all celebrated once again. But ThatGuyEntity did not gave up(Is his zodiac ares or something?!) A new user called ThisIsNotYetOver told us he got lots of recruits and created another fraud wiki, and the war would've started without Deadlock's help.

The another fraud wiki was deleted, and ThisIsNotYetOver was banned permanently. Peace once settled, and nothing bad happened.

This is the whole story I can remember, and may include errors.

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Former avatar

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