Hello there, it's fico.

What you are about to read was a user-suggested endless tale I wrote in late-2015, and never got around to finish it. I requested it to be deleted, but I knew this had to be revived. Quite a few people MAY remember this story. I will be protecting this page since this is an archived revision and does not need any edits.

One last thing. If you DO by any chance remember this story in early 2016, you may notice that I have removed some headings. This is because they weren't important to the storyline, and may confuse the reader. I won't be adding to the story, and requests and ideas will not be added in. Without further ado, enjoy.


This story isn't very exciting. No, it isn't. Let's just get on with it, Shall we?

Chapter 1: Strange Start

I don't get it at all. What is the meaning of this? I don't even know how this happened! But... I can explain how I started off.

It all started when I created this world. I named it "NAMES4LATER". Because, who has time for names? I then created a new world. But I saw something odd. It was a red screen. It spooked me out. It was just plain red. I thought it was just a glitch. I mean, every game has glitches! Right?

Okay. After I logged on into the world. I noticed just seven trees in the area. JUST SEVEN. I don't know how this happened, but I thought it was a buggy seed. I once saw a corrupted village on YouTube. That seemed quite buggy to me! So, I just thought it was just a buggy seed. BUT WAIT A SEC. Randomly generated seeds are based on your computer's date and time.

I paused Minecraft and I looked at my date and time. It said (WARNING: Disturbing): 55/55/2055 55:55. Man, is it just me, or does my computer love the number five? I thought something was going on. But I decided to resume my game-play anyway. Maybe my computer is just old. Or, is something possessing it? Who knows?

After that, I punched down my first tree. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. I made a crafting table. I crafted a wooden pickaxe. I dug down and I seemed to have hit something. It wouldn't break. After around two minutes, My pickaxe broke! Awfully strange indeed! And it was at half durability! No way!

I knew all of this was possible with bugs and glitches. But I knew this wasn't the work of it. It is more than just a glitch. It was something out of the ordinary. I decided to continue on anyway. I made a stone pickaxe. But after I crafted it, the server said this:

xYzFaN555hOrU has joined the game.

I knew I had to shut down Minecraft. But my curiosity just couldn't allow that! So, with fear, I continued playing.

Chapter 2: Frightening Fiesta

Okay. I knew this person wasn't supposed to be here. So, I tried to talk to him. (THIS MIGHT BE A BIT DISTURBING)

Me: Hello?

XYZ: Hello...

Me: Who are you? And what are you doing here?

XYZ: I don't know. And i was invited here.

Me: By who?

XYZ: Oh? I invited myself.

XYZ: I also invited a friend over. He should be here soon.

Me: Okay, who's talking?

XYZ: Who do you think?

Me: Herobrine???

XYZ: 5555555555555555555555555555555555555ee5555555555555555555555555555555555

XYZ: He's here.

XYZ: Don't let him disturb you...

XYZ: He shouldn't be any harm...

XYZ: Farewell... 01000110010011110101001000100000010011100100111101010111

.he_XYZ has disconnected.

Quite disturbing. Was it? I mean, you should be freaked out! I almost had a heart attack!

It's been a couple of months since that happened. And from that day since, I always take precautions before playing Minecraft. Trust me, It's not easy.

Alright, Happy 2016 to everyone! I am going to now keep track of the days as they go by.

Chapter 3: Odd Occurances

The horror continues today... I played that game again.

I logged on to Minecraft. And i continued on my house. It looked very epic to me. So I decided to add more to it. I did, of course, take precautions. I knew this "XYZ" user was still in my world. And so, I put a backup folder in my files. So if i encounter this guy again, I would be ready for him.

That dosen't mean I'm safe. I know that he knows I'm saving backups on my computers. So I put another Backup in a locked folder. Enough talking! Let's just get to the story!

As I worked on my house, I noticed something in the distance. I took a screenshot, but when I went to recover it, it wasn't there. I wouldn't bother check anymore.

I slowly walked towards this figure. But I got scared. That's when I noticed that I wasn't controlling anymore! I kept tapping the up key (Because WASD is hard to control), but it just kept on moving closer. A ghast started screaming, and it grew louder. I was panicking, and I knew I had a backup. But I couldn't get out of Minecraft! Then, Everything stopped, and the black figure turned towards me. It was Herobrine! I talked to him.

Me: HEROBRINE!!! I knew it!

HB: No... It's not me...

Me: I know it's you who's creeping me out! Tell me!

HB: No... It's Haljack... He's the one...

Me: Haljack? Who's Haljack?

HB: My friend... He betrayed me...

HB: He threatened to kill me if I dared try to stop him. So I can't stop him on my own...

HB: Please... You must help me... If we don't stop him, he will take over Minecraft...

HB: and destroy both of us...

Me: Hmm... I need further explanation.

HB: Ever since he found out about the enderdragon... he's been acting weird...

HB: I tried talking to him... but he just wouldn't snap out of it...

HB: Then he finally talked...

HB: He said that I am not strong...

HB: He said that I couldn't even kill a fly...

HB: He said that he is the new Herobrine...

HB: Then he said that he can make me stronger if I join him...

HB: I don't trust him... and I said no.

HB: Then he called me a fool and left...

HB: Every time I see him, He just goes straight...

HB: He is wrong...

HB: I can kill the enderdragon in one hit...

HB: He is probably just jealous...

HB: So now are you with me...

HB: If you say no, You will be dead right before you know it...

Me: I have no choice do I?

HB: It's up to you...

HB: I would recommend saying yes...

Me: Yes...

HB: Perfect...

HB: We now have enough members to fight him...

HB: Continue building your house. We'll come when He least expects...

Herobrine has been slain by nothing.mp5

How could he even be slain by a file? and .mp5? does that even exist? That's not even on my computer!

Okay. Maybe he's just a glitch. And he can be slain by files. But that still doesn't mean I'm safe. This person he was talking about... Who is he? And why is he trying to kill me? Could this mean something?

Today, I got my friend Josh (PlasmaStar as his Minecraft name suggests). He said I should check the game's code. I found nothing. No, Seriously. NOTHING. The game's code was Empty! It shocked me!

Sorry I couldn't write much yesterday. I was just too busy. And today is ash Wednesday. So let's get on with the story I guess!

After I found nothing in the code, I decided to tell PlasmaStar2041 to help me. He said he could join me in Minecraft.

We connected. And we looked around for this "XYZ" Guy. I knew he was still around here. So we decided to check everywhere, Until:

PlasmaStar2041 has been slain by ,

Okay, some weird things are going on. I knew I had to stop it. So I did a few things. I checked the game's code. There was nothing there. Then I checked the nearby Villages for any signs of bugs and/or glitches. I found nothing.

I wasn't going to give up there. I wanted to find some more evidence.

Chapter 4: Ludicrous Land

I was searching the nearby village, until this showed up,

XYZgut has joined again

How could he switch his username?

XYZ: We meet again...


XYZ: I just am... Did my friend not come?

Me: He shouldn't have!

XYZ: Yes... He should.

I pulled out my sword and lunged towards him.


XYZ: Because I have nowhere else to be...


XYZ: OKAY!!! Geez...

XYZ: Right after when you go where YOU Belong!


Herobrine Has joined the game

Herobrine lunged towards XYZ and seemed to have almost kill him.

HB: Why are you here?

XYZ: I was asking the same thing...


XYZ: Because I have nowhere else to be...

XYZ: so does this "Diamondlover2015" guy.

Now you know my Minecraft name.

Me: He's lying! I DO belong here! I'm already where I belong!

XYZ: Your the liar...

XYZ: You don't belong here...

XYZ: You belong in hell...

Suddenly I was sent to the Nether.

It looked a lot more ludicrous than before... there was tons more lava... Most of the netherrack was burning, the netherrack that wasn't burning was around me and the place was just empty! There were no mobs!

I loaded up my backup... but I noticed something...

A picture... by the name of "Inferno.jpg".

What was that doing there? I don't remember Installing that!

I opened up the contents and it said this:


I copied it through my personal binary translator: ☀

It said this:


I didn't like this. So I took my computer to a computer repair shop to get it fixed.

It's been a couple of days now, When I read the newspaper it said this,

[[File:Newspaper.jpg|thumb|288x288px|The newspaper article]] What freaked me out most was the "EVERYTHING IS FINE, THE FIVES ARE GREAT". Who would want to say that? It just doesn't make sense!

I wanted to stop this nonsense. I wanted to end this "XYZ" guy. I knew he was more than just a virus of some sort, but he could be a hacker. Someone that was stealing my data when I least suspected it.

I said to myself, "I WILL STOP THIS!"

Then I heard a whisper, or a ghost saying, "yOu CaN TrY, BuT YoU MiGhT nOt Be aBlE tO...". I turned around, and I saw my laptop. With the Inferno.jpg picture on top of it. It seemed different, Like the binary characters were changed.

Chapter 5: Glorious Group

I was right. The binary characters were changed. It said this:


I yet again copied it through my personal binary translator. It said this:

at the nearest village...

It was pretty strange. But the letters were in lowercase. So it wasn't from XYZ. It probably wanted me to go to the nearest village. So I logged onto my laptop and I went to the nearest village. Strangelly, I wasn't in the nether anymore! How weird! It froze for a few seconds. Then I was teleported to a sector underground.

The sector was pretty strange. It had blocks I had never seen before. Such as "Amethyst Ore" and "Block of Ruby".

HB: Good. You got my message.

null: null null null null, null 5?

AB: He's here?

303: About time.

Me: Hi? What's this place?

null: null null null null glitch!

303: He's saying your in the dungeon of Notch.

HB: This place is delicate and very special. This is my wife, Alexbrine.

AB: Hey.

303: So this is the guy you invited?

HB: Yes.

303: Well, glad your here.

Me: It's an honor.

303: I'm Entity 303. You've probably heard of me.

null: null.

HB: You know who I am.

AB: I am Alexbrine.

XYZ: And I'm here to kill you.

Once I saw that, I said:

Me: Hey Mr. I'm here to kill you! Or should I say... HALJACK!

XYZ: So you know my true identity...

XYZ: That's no big deal.

XYZ: Herobrine was supposed to keep that a secret...

HB: Well sorry! Shouldn't have made a secret with you in the first place!

303: What even are you doing here?

XYZ: Just wandering into villages. This was easy to find.


XYZ: Still can't speak, eh?

XYZ: So you want to nullify me?

XYZ: Then you'll have to catch me then!

Suddenly XYZ went into a portal. Herobrine said to follow him. So we went into the portal with him.

Chapter 6: Cheesy Chase

We went inside the portal. And we chased XYZ through a village. But it didn't seem like a PC Village. It was a PS4 Village! We crossed platforms!

XYZ: Still after me, eh?



XYZ used some sort of speed hack to run away from us. He left my render distance shortly after.

303: He's too fast...

null: null null null nullify null 5....

NG: Maybe I can do something about that!

HB: Negative??? I thought we would never crossed paths again!

NG: I can teleport to Haljack. He shouldn't be far.

303: Then what are we waiting for???

NG: Nothing.

Suddenly we were teleported to XYZ every second. But he was moving too fast to hit him.

303: Can you do this any faster???

NG: Probably. But I need emeralds to increase my speed!

AB: Then we should trade with villagers!

Me: Or we could use creative.

NG: Then let's do that!

I switched into creative and got some emeralds. I gave them to Negative.

NG: Right! Let's get him!

Negative went faster. he approached XYZ and hit him, cutting his Speed hack.


XYZ: My speed hack has failed me...

XYZ: But what about invisibility?

HB: NULL! Nullify him!

null: null null null null null null null NULLIFY!

null nullified him. He semed to dissapear slowly.

Me: Is he turning invisible?

NG: No. He's being nullified.

null: null null "win" null!

XYZ: No...

XYZ: I'm not done yet...

XYZ: I can't go away like this...

XYZ: I'll let you off the hook for now.

XYZ: But I'll be back...

XYZ: And don't expect me to be a wimpy target...

XYZ dissapeared. He didn't seem to stay long. Herobrine told me to take a break. And then he disconnected. He told me to be back on the 29th. And so I did.

(This is the end of the story. Remember, I won't be adding to the story.)