I had just recently started a new world in Minecraft Version 1.9.3. Everything was going normally. I had built a temporary underground bunker (so I wouldn't be stuck outside if it became nighttime while I was still crafting), and made the essentials before moving out. I built a tiny little shack made of cobble, wood, and dirt, and placed a bed inside. I went to sleep, and it was then that things became abnormal. After I woke up, I destroyed a block in my roof, but, to my surprise...

It seemed like no time had passed. It was still dark outside, even though I knew for a fact that I hadn't gotten out of my bed intentionally. (by clicking Leave Bed.) I was weirded out, and left the shack. As I walked around...I saw something that made my skin crawl. There were strange, man-made structures in the distance. How did I know?

They were made of Nether blocks. And I was in the Overworld.

I was petrified. My first response was to run back into the shack as fast as I could, but I convinced myself it was an Easter egg, so I nervously made my way over to the structures. The first one, on the right, was a J made out of glowstone. (J? I don't know what he means by that.) The second, in the middle, was a set of 3 crosses made of Netherrack. The third, on the left, was an arrow. It pointed down into a ravine. As I peeked down into it, I saw a glowstone bridge that spanned from one side of the ravine (under me), to the other, where a 4x4 hole through the Granite was visible. I jumped down into the ravine, onto the bridge. I saw a sign at the end of the tunnel (it was short), which had no text. Only an arrow pointing to my left.

To my left was an ominous and deep 1-block hole. There was no way I had enough blocks to get back up if I jump down, and I don't have a pickaxe. If I tried to dig back up by hand, I could hit a lava source, and either way, it would take forever. I decided to be brave, and jumped down the hole. No going back now. I landed in water, and saw some stairs leading out of the water. I followed them, and I saw another sign at the end of a longer hallway. I walked up to it, and it had 3 arrows.

Left, right, up. I looked around the left corner.


The right corner.


The middle...


I felt a huge sense of dread come over me. I didn't want to turn around, but that was the only way out. Even if I tried to dig in any direction, it would leave me wide open while I did. I had no choice. I whipped around as fast as I could...

The screen glitched out, and Minecraft violently crashed. I was not able to see what was behind me. I looked through my Bandicam folder, and found the video. It played normally, picking up everything as I recorded it. Until the end. As I spun around, I saw something for a split second, until the screen pixelated and the video ended. I rewatched the video, and, after a few attempts, paused it at the moment the being was onscreen.

It was me.

It was my playermodel.

I was not playing in third person.

I had been stalked and attacked by a being that had my skin. It could be a mob that I hadn't heard of, or a creature from a mod that someone installed without me knowing. But how could it crash my game and corrupt a file? I didn't know if anyone else had experienced this, so I asked my friend if he knew anything about it. He did. He had seen a player with his skin that replaced his all the blocks of his house with Netherrack, and found it inside when he entered. It crashed his game too. A few hours later, one of my friends called me and said her little brother had downloaded Minecraft and had seen it only a few minutes after starting to play, then asked me if I knew anything about it. I asked what it looked like, and it was her brother's playermodel...

As far as I can tell, encountering this thing is a chance occurence when some people download Minecraft. I apparently had it in my game for YEARS, because I downloaded it in 2014. And it appears it can still happen, shown by the story of my friend's brother. It seems that anyone can get this being in their game, and it can act a soon as a few minutes, to as long as years. So, as I leave you, reader, I give you this warning. Be on your guard when you play Minecraft. This thing can be in any copy of the game.

Even yours.



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