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One normal day in minecraft im walking in my flat world and i see a village and then i see a strange entity with white face red eyes and wierd smile what looks like mustache and completely purple he change me into survival mode and teleport me into a wierd laggy purple world and he said too me you not inkly and he said im im the strike of death im cnow whos behind me and many other creepypastas in minecraft but im not telling you soo my name is strike of death and die now im day im search about someone else whos whas purple but is whas in other game i come back too minecraft and he's back and he said im back im said him you cnow herobrine and he's said yes this idiot destroy my castle also one last thing im a member of the old bu...... why im telling you my secret and minecraft crashed think a while soo im become a minecraft version of detective and from that day im searching who is behind the minecraft creepypasta and from that day im searching many other people who cnow who really is the strike of death.