Im just gunna say that this is toootally fake so dont even say it is real

Hi. One day i decided to play on mcpe for a change. Everything started off fine but then as i started to mine some dirt to make a quick shelter for the night, the second block i started to mine came up with a different pattern than usual. Instead of the normal random cracking sequence, it formed a face. The face looked like alex, but it had horns red eyes an was drooling realistic blood!

I was really freaked out and turned the game off immedetly, but all day that face seemed to be haunting me. I saw it on the pavement, in the gravel on the driveway to my house and most creepily, on my mirror in the bathroom written in blood. The next day at 6:30 am, i got a phone call from someone who i had never even heard of before. When i answered, all i heard was loud high pitched screaming and a crackaly voice that said: WHY DID YOU SHUT IT OFF, DEATH SHALL COME ON SWIFT WINGS TO EVERYONE WHO YOU LOVE AND THEN, IT SHALL BE YOURS! The next day i got a phone call to say that my best friend, Emily, had been mystyriously killed at 6:30 that morning. Over the next week, i got the same phone call over and over again until everyone in my family and all of my friends had been killed the same way, by a dagger straight through the heart. Shortly after that i deleted mcpe and then burned the ipad that it was on. i was 16 when all of this happened.