I was playing minecraft on the day I got my first gameconsole(Xbox 360) and I had to get my first server to have my brother play with me.i got on asked my brother to play with me and he said ok.So I played ny console I played on mine. We build a huge city when he said he got kicked by somebody named tar so I freaked out. Then I got on and started to play again.i stared to make a farm when I heard an explosion so went to look for where it came from and I saw that my giant tower had blew up ,so I went to rebuild it. After about 40 minutes of building I needed some water for my farm. I went to the source that I made and got some water and then I went back to the farm and noticed that my barn was burning and I didn't see a player but I saw a name tag that said tar.i went up to it and the name tag just disappeared and the thing said bye and it banned me.after that I got a new account and I got a new mine craft. I got on and I created a world and called it memory's but I got on with some friends and they why is your name tar. My name was trollingpanda1.