He was a former mojang employe who got fired. Later he joined Rovio and got fired. Then he joined pop cap and got fire. He got angry and wanted to take revenge from mojang and other company he got fired from. So he absorbed 10 players in minecraft. Also he absorbed one employee.He


is supossed to kill people, hack their accounts,etc.He formed a

group of hackers,creaters and mod users called T.

I saw trees without leaves,my house burning, trees burning,a red stone temple,signs saying herobrine,null,green Steve and Entity 303 are fake. I am real. Me and my friends saw him in while playing Pe. He was breaking blocks. We left the world and deleted it. We saw in pc too. He was placing saying I will hack, cheat,kill and delete your account. We left the world and deleted it. I asked Notch and he said forget him. He also said that he was a former employee of mojang and he had got fired. But he was not sure that it is him or not.He also told he added the herobrine glitch. One day I saw him and he put lava on me and froze me. It became obsidian and I got stuck in it.

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