Hi. This is Yoshfico123.

As you probably know, if you have been a member of this wiki for quite some time, you would most likely know that I am an administrator. You might also know that there is a vandal and spammer known as "ThatGuyEntity". Excuse my language, as I do not swear often, but I am quite fed up with this asshole. He has caused enough trouble, and he may cause a lot more in the future. I have watched his activity on the Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki, and the fraud wiki created out of false accusations.

First, let's familiarize with a bit of history.

ThatGuyEntity joined the wiki in early December 2016. Nobody really noticed the new user until the next day, where he posted a request for moderator privileges on Deadlock's wall. Of course, Deadlock rejected it, because Entity barely helped the wiki out.

Hi, SCP-Deadlock i wanna request Moderator Request, so i can help you, Chicken, and others with problems and other stuff

The text in the italics is Entity's "Moderator Request". Deadlock did the right thing to reject it. Entity turned out to be a vandal and spammer, and just ruined this wiki. And even if he did accept it, Entity would just get worse.

Later, after Entity was rejected, he started to get to know the wiki a bit, later getting out of hand. Many of the matters he had intervened in didn't concern him and were over. This is why he was blocked (for the first time). After he was blocked, he started a new wiki, because he falsely accused the admins and moderators of being faulty. He has received numerous amounts of hate, and thinks he is doing something nice for the wiki, but ended up attempting to trash it.

Entity is currently blocked, and the fraud wiki is being dealt with as of right now. He needs to be blocked from Fandom, and the fraud wiki needs to be deleted. Here's why.

ThatGuyEntity is an underaged, retarded user. He has done many stupid things in the past, and his activities won't get any better. When we told him that we didn't need the fraud wiki, he just back sassed us, and thereby proves that he wasn't trying to help the wiki out. He is trying to start a revolt. If this keeps up, many poor gullible users will fall for the fraud wiki and join it. From that point forth, more and more users will keep joining, leaving this wiki in the dust. I, Yoshfico123, am doing the best I can to prevent this from happening. I have edited the home page, telling the others who find the wiki not to join it, but to redirect them to the original wiki, this one. Therefore, Growing the wiki faster than Entity can revolt it. This being a smart move, it won't be enough. It's going to take every user, but here is my step-by-step theory to fix the problem.

  1. Permaban ThatGuyEntity
  2. Report the fraud wiki to the fandom staff
  3. Wait for the Fandom staff to delete the wiki or archive it.

Thereby, the problem is fixed!

If Entity starts another wiki up, report it to the fandom staff again, and they will most likely block Entity all around Fandom! If step 3 doesn't work, I will adopt the wiki, and archive it. Here is a bullet list to follow when I adopt it.

  • Adopt the wiki
  • Block every user whom has joined
  • Edit and protect the home page.
  • Redirect any pasta posted on the wiki to this one.

I'm done explaining. I think you already know where this is going. I hope the fraud wiki get deleted or archived, and that Entity gets blcoked from fandom.

Best regards,