I don't remember the seed anymore. all I remember is the world.

I started up a new survival world on the xbox one. classics size, I'll extend it later, forever hunting for that 'kill the ender dragon' achievement, when I noticed something strange.

'??? joined the game'

'weird...' was he on my friends list? a follower? I don't have many of them. I decided to invite him to the party, and he joined.

'Great' I thought to myself 'music over the mic.' It was some bad song over and over, so I muted him. I don't usually kick people in survival, so I just decided to spawn-kill him over and over.

Big mistake. After the first death, the colours of my name inverted, and holes started appearing in the world, with what appeared to be garbled source code underneath. '???' suddenly shrunk.

'Right, I'm capturing this' I tried to open up my sidebar on my Xbox, and pressed X to 'record that'. But the tiny '???' guy jumped onto the bar, in something that was impossible in any way. he repeatedly jumped up and down on the online player 'Jimmyboy124' until... The name fell. Jimmy had been removed from my friends list.

I back out, and '???' jumped along with me, hopping into the blank source holes. Every block in the game suddenly erupted from the hole, followed by the player, now regular sized. He struck three times with a sword, and I was gone. But I respawned in a village, strangely enough, and every villager came after me in an incredible display of rage, killing me once again in a matter of seconds. This time I was done for good. I got in touch with a friend, telling him to load up the seed and kill the gut who joined. The same thing happened to him.

This wasn't a glitch, or bug, or a broken game. This was a seed. And I lied. I do remember it. Give this a try, load it up, but be ready to lose some friends...