I always liked playing Minecraft, when I was playing on Pocket Edition we all know the legend of Herobrine. I was trying to be nice to him, and I decided to why not, be kind for him. So, I was getting some stuff to be nice to Herobrine. Until, when I hadn't played Minecraft Pocket Edition for a while, some freaky so called "nightmare" begins.

I was wondering, "what the heck was going on?" But, I realised I thought I saw Null. But, I turned out. Null is just a myth (in my opinion). But later, things get creepy. Things with wood and placed with a vine on it. It was scary, I didn't know what the carp was going on. It was just, weird. I went to the PC to see who the heck did this. And I just typed in "minecraft treeghost". 

I told my friends about it and they said "Probably he was found in a tree". I was a funny joke at first. But, later TheTreeGhost soon started to destroy villager's houses and destroyed trees. This entity was identified because I keep looking up on Google. I search "Minecraft TreeGhost" and It looks like, some people have found it too.

I didn't know, was it real? Then, It hit me. Entity 303 is up to this. But then, I realised a YouTuber "Thespeed179" stated that it was fake. I had a theory saying that 303 created Null and TheTreeGhost.

Then, later. I stated TheTreeGhost is fake. It's just a game file, that's what I realised. But there was a horrible nightmare and I was scared of it I was very scared at that time. 

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