One say, a page appeared on the Wiki.

It turned into a quite controversial, and very popular page. This page was called "The Nipple Monster".

That is where Trollpasta came from, some say.

A couple of months onwards, more people began making crazy, pointless pages which were also referred to as Trollpasta. themaster made a statement that Trollpastas are unnecessary, and I, Ittybittybummer, was the first to agree. Some people say that us together formed the anti-trollpasta gang. We questioned LifeUpStudios, who said he supported Trollpastas. 2 Days Later, more than 30 new Trollpastas were added.

This Was War.

Ryan, if anyone remembers who he is, joined LifeUpStudios for the Trollpasta gang. The two gangs fought, people being banned everywhere, pages being deleted left and right, even I got banned! But finally....

Trollpastas just stopped.

LifeUpStudios became unactive.

Ryan decided to quit and start the Flame War (which WASNT as bad because this sounds fine but if you were there...)

I was unbanned by themaster, and promoted to Discussions Moderator.

A year later, there was a new admin. Deadlocked. He was the most active admin at the time.

He promoted the Chicken to admin. he soon became the wikis most beloved and hated admin

And soon the second war broke out between chickens supporters and his haters.

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