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Hello, please, do not edit this, only grammar fixes, i want this to be my own story, Thanks! :)


Who am i?

Im Tristan, im 11 years, and i live in the Netherlands, in europe, im a big MC fan, and i played it for almost 2,5 years. I know all crafting recipes from my head, and so on.

Story Line

Whats this story about? its about Alex, a default character of minecraft, she was first sighted in 1.8 :)

She did things before 1.8, she wandered trough Minecraft since 1.6, but she was Always in shadow, she learned surviving, killed mobs, made friends in villages, and so on! of course she had some issues, she knew steve would Always be the famoust, but maybe she could be famous too? If she will, we'll read that right now!

The Adventures of Alex Part I: The day

The sun was shining, Alex woke up, She was in the middle of a forest, she forgot everything she did from the past, she heard crappy voices like: ''Find her!" this was very creepy, Alex decided to flee, she ran and ran, until she got cought by a stranger, he said: "Sssh easy, whats your name? Mine is Notch."Alex calmed down and said: "Mine name is alex" "Come here, i bring you to a village" Notch said. Alex decided to follow him, she got to a small village with people who looked strange, she asked Notch what they were, but he dissapeared. alex said: "Hey, ia am alex, who are you?'' Someone who looked like a leader said:'' i am Jeb, i lead this village, but i have to go soon, to the enemy village, can you PvP?" Alex said: "No, i cannot PVP, im a girl" "Girls can fight too" Jeb responded. Alex was worried, she didnt want to die in a war, but luckily Jeb_ said: Okay, ill go then :)" And he left the village, with a huge army. The villagers were nice for alex, she got better with a sword, after 5 months, she decided to leave the village, she wanted to make her own Village. She greeted all the villagers and left. Tomorrow would be the start of an new Empire, the only one not knowing this was Alex herself.

The adventures of Alex Part II: The Empire

Alex got trough all villages, recruited some people, one of them was Entity.303 he had a story, alex got amazed because he called Notch evil, also, someone called Herobrine joined, they were the only who dared to join, the others run away when they saw Entity.303 and Herobrine, but ok. Alex found a open spot, and made a banner, and said: "I declare this, to Alexia, empire of the noble'' Entity.303 And Herobrine didnt look amazed, ur happy or something, Alex tried to ignore that, and it worked, Alex said:"I go to other villages, we need more people" Entity.303 and Herobrine agreed and Alex did leave, to other villagers, she got kicked, sometimes punished, for betrayment, cuz she left. she decided to get back to Alexia.

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