This Pasta is pure fiction.

The Story

This is ElectroAaronDYnamix. I'm about to tell you the creepiest moment I had in Minecraft, and it will change Minecraft forever.

I hopped into my Windows 10 Laptop, where I've already installed Minecraft v1.11, and I can't wait to see Llamas, Vindicators, Evokers and Vexs roaming around in Minecraft.

I double-clicked the Minecraft icon, and it loaded up smoothly. I clicked Play and I created my first new world in Minecraft v1.11.

Nothing kind of happened. I just spawned on a woods biome near a small cave. Some pigs went by, but something strange is that when they got near the small cave, they squealed, turned around and ran far from it as fast as they can.

Personally I thought this was some sort of a programme bug in the pig's AI, but I just ignored it. The first thing I have to do is to get wood, and that's what I did.