I did not make this story. This story has some grammar errors I translated it to Netherlands to English here it is:

It started as I was on a server to play with a friend a private server and no one knew the ip Aleen my friend and me. But taken on a day I was online with my friend on the server, and then my friend had a cousin with it so when we went to play with the three of them but said eingelijk was the only girl she was 8 -_-

But someone joinde the server while the server was private and had a server whitelist

so that was very strange it was a young girl.

They stood staring at the lobby

We found them but strange so we went leaven

Then we came back they were gone

We walked into town we had built and my boyfriend ran into a house away but he remained a long way niece he stayed with me she she why he so long away was that was because he was verlijd by someone on the server but I wondered who the niece of him went looking for him, but when they were verlijd It was very strange so I went looking, but there was no one more online so when I decided to go to my friend in real-time then saw I move something in the window I saw really long hair and a face and my friend I thought that his cousin was I rang but nobody answered. Strange ......... So I went home and started the computer and was back online on the server suddenly I saw. Very big heart with the name of my friend and Girl of Darkness and I found it strange and I saw later also a heart with the niece of my friend and Boy or Darkess so it was super weird when joinde someone hot Dark Girl so was quite scary so when I went to town and when I turned around and I saw the girl she said something and I said who are you ?? She said nothing to me but to my cousin who joinde she told me cousin


"Hi, I'm Eliza"

Nephew Hi?

Do you know who I am?

Cousin: No

I'm your dream girl

And she went flurten with my cousin and I stood watching

Just weird when I went back to my friend's house I saw a knife in the kitchen are covered in blood and saw a window open. and the door I went in and I saw traces of blood I found it scary and I went to school and when my friend was not at school Weird so I called him, no one answered so I warned my cousin luckily I have never since their saw.