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How It Begins

I was walking to my house, just mined diamonds, and was going to sleep. I turned off my PC and got to my bed. I woke up and decided to do MC for the next 24 hours. I started my PC, launched Minecraft and got to my world. It was renamed to "Join me," but it was April 1st, so I thought Mojang did an April fools. I joined and spawned where I left yesterday. I crafted some gear, and got to the enchantment table, enchanted the gear. I decided to get some food, so I left. However, the cows and chickens got white eyes, the sheep got red eyes, and the pigs got black eyes. Strange. I killed them all. 1 chicken, 1 sheep, and 1 pig turned into 3 figure. One looked like a Steve, but he had white eyes, and the other one looked fully white, but with bloodshot eyes and black around his face. The other figure was pitch black. I ran because I knew nobody could join single-player. Everywhere, signs with "Null Null Null Null" appeared, and there were sand pyramids in the ocean, and there were flames in the air. I ran home and closed the door.

More Strange Stuff

I got in my MC bed, and I looked out of my window, where the 3 figures stood there and looked at me. I was so scared, until a chat log appeared:

<Herobrine> Don’t be scared, you're safe

<Entity.303> Yes, we are here to protect you from a monster

<Null> A Creation of me...


<Death> I waited long to get you 3 together, you guys hated each other, now its finally time to kill you and take over Minecraft

<Null, Entity.303 and Herobrine> We will BEAT you

According to their names, these were the famous creepy-pastas.

The 3 figures fought a black fog in the air, and a claw of black fog opened the doors and came on me. The white figure teleported next to my bed and fired fireballs on the Claw, and the claw disappeared.

How It Ended

The black figure attacked the fog; it looked like he tried to control it, but it didn't work, and the fog ate the black figure and the fog became stronger. The white figure was killed by his own fireballs, and the Steve fled. Only I was here.

<Death> Join me, or die

<Me> I will never serve you


I took my sword and pushed it into the heart of the fog


<Me> GL

I closed my PC and everything was fine.

Thanks for reading!