Hello and ever since A858 joined my minecraft i've been using crap. A few weeks ago I played minecraft and I found a boss.It was called Deep Web and I found it on my first day. To summon it you had to put dirt in a 0 shape and put a crafting table in the middle and it spawned. I didn't know but when I spawned it it had 200 HP and I died. I decided to decipher it because it was called Deep Web and when I cracked it i was A85823242V2345 and I was like Oh Crap. I decided too join my 1.7.10 server since A85823242V2345 was only in 1.0 beta. Then at the server's spawn Deep Web spawned and everyone disconnected for no reason. I decided to search my files in data and one file said A858.jpg and it replaced my minecraft. So I called mojang and notch said he found the hacker and when I searched data it said Minecraft instead of A858craft.jpg so A858 was gone.

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