(Requested by someone, The Doctor Havoc series will have a third installment, but sadly, will be fabricated. While I am creating it, here is a preview:


We all laughed, thinking back of Doctor Havoc. He was long gone. We deleted the server long ago, recreated it, and he appeared once again. We once again deleted the server. Now, we swore never to build a home for Doc Havoc. But, FemaleMom9, has left the gang and hasn't been in touch with us since last year. Until, there, in the Realms tab, showed we have been invited to a server. It read, "Welcome Back Doc" I clicked on it, and stupidly, I haven't notified the gang. And before I knew it, I was in an exact replica of Doc Havoc's Hospital of torture and death. I'M HERE WATCHING U FOREVER :)



Thank you

I have been getting good and bad feedback in the comment section of my creepypastas, and I thank the positive reviews and thoughts and I thank the bad reviews because it helped me see what I wrote wrong. Thank you! DON'T THANK ME HEHEHE:)

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