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So I started a new Minecraft world, then remembered I was on the wrong computer and that I didn't have Minecraft Forge on this one. "Crap!" I tried to turn on the Mac with Forge for 1.11.2, but it wouldn't work. I'm just 11 and I get to see my grandparents often since my parents are always busy. I know the Mac stops working every time I go on it since I'm constantly downloading mods. but I haven't played Minecraft on the Mac in months, trying to figure out how to get Forge on the laptop, but I couldn't. I decided to load up my old world on the laptop and to my suprise, I was in what looked like a purple Nether Fortress in the middle of the void. I knew what this was from the Voidcraft mod, but I didn't have Forge. Except there was only one path. The one that lead to Dol and Zol, the literally shapeless entities that speak to you in the credits on the way back to the Overworld from the End. Dol is the one that speaks in green, while Zol is the one that speaks in light blue. (For whatever reason, I have a sudden powerful urge to sing I Am Da One right now. I have no idea why.) Now I knew the answers to their riddles, but this time they were different. "<Dol> Shape your answer on the sign in the chest. The sign on the chest contains the riddle." Now it would normally say "Material Elemenal Lawful Neuteral Who Am I", but this time it said "What will we bring to you". I didn't know the answer so I googled it and there were no search results. What the heck. I decided that my world was haunted so I went all out creepypasta and typed "death". Then I flipped the switch. "<Zol> Correct!" "<Dol> Bye!" "<Doll> For now!" Wait what who the heck is Doll? Is this voodoo? Then I was forced to watch a gruesome animation as Dol poked Doll with a needle and popped him/her, and then I had to watch my sprite pop, almost as gruesome as a creeper with actual guts instead of TNT exploding. Yes, I've seen that too. Don't look it up. And then it said "CreeperDestroyer was popped by Doll!" And the room cut to a background that almost looked cheerful, and I got a message saying "Yay!" I was about to throw up and insulted at the same time. I'm not playing again.

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