(Not to be confused with Herobrine)

My name is Manuel. Minecraft beta is an old, buggy, out of date version of minecraft. Server hosts do not support hosting Beta servers anymore...

The story starts with me loading Minecraft Beta to show off my old worlds from the Beta days for a YouTube video.

I had my own beta server 5 years ago. It obviously doesn't exist anymore. Beta doesn't have a server list like modern minecraft. It only saves the last server ip you entered.

IMG 1361

As I checked my last server ip I enterned, my old ip was still there! For the sake of it I try to connect.

I joined, and i felt like I went back in time. This is my old server! I haven't been here for like 5 years. The server rules, lists of admins and the welcome signs were still there!

This baffles me as the host that this server was on doesn't exist anymore. The server was deleted because I didn't play it anymore. I found the village me and the other admins built, and even also our old houses we built there.

I'm so amazed and confused with Nostalgia, this server had many players. I spent time looking around. I checked into the storage room chests, and one of them even contained an axe, sword, pic. and some torches. I took them, and I walked out of the room.

But when just as I headed for the trees, I got a response:

<7d8934376898e21>Do you need assistance?

Someone else is online??

<ManuEl>What the heck
<7d8934376898e21>Can I help you traveller?

Right now I'm very confused cause the server doesn't exist, and someone else is online.

<ManuEl>How did you get on here?
<7d8934376898e21>Can I assist you?
<ManuEl>What the hell

Right then I saw him, with the same name tag, but its eyes were black.

<7d89343768988e21>It's dangerous at night, traveller
<ManuEl>Who r you?
<7d89343768988e21>Can I assist you?
<7d89343768988e21>Do you need assistance?
<ManuEl>What the heck
<ManuEl>R u real?
<7d89343768988e21>It's dangerous at night traveller

At this point I began to think this is an NPC and not a real person, so I decided to leave him and co cut down some trees.

Coming soon...

Released in-16 hours(or less)

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