Hello, this is my first creepypasta and I hope you enjoy. It took me a while to think of. If you think I should make a sequal, please let me know in the comments. -GREEN0704

The Encounters

My encounters with the entity that I call the "Female Creeper". She looks like a creeper except she is pink and has a purple bow on the right side of her head. When I first saw her, she just stared at me. I tried to kill her but I couldn't hit her ANYWHERE. It creeped me out so I exited the world and as I exited I could swear she had a sullen face... I went on the world later and spawned in a mansion of quartz and bedrock. I was very creeped out and I saw a bunch of creepers in suits balancing plates of steak on their heads as if they were... Butlers. That creeped me out so I walked into a bedroom and saw the Female Creeper staring at me. I ran but the doors turned to Bedrock as I tried to leave the room. A female voice through the speakers said: "You can't leave yet... You're mine now and forever." I screamed in real life and exited the world as fast as I could. I went on Hypixel and saw everything was normal except for one thing: My pet charged creeper was now Pink and had a bow. " I said that you couldn't leave me and yet you try... tsk, tsk, tsk, when will you learn? " said a female voice through my speakers. "I'm just done..." I said turning off the computer. I went to my TV and played Minecraft on my Wii U. I spawned on a heart shaped island. I quickly exited and went on my tablet. I looked up to see if ANYONE had encountered her. One person did. He said "Your encountering her now? I just got her off my back, I had to unplug EVERY device in my house and stay in bed all day. My parents thought I was insane! Be careful because even I don't know what her goal is." I was more scared than before and I decided to see what her goal was once and for all. So I went on my Xbox One (Yes, I have a Wii U and Xbox One) and created a party for me and my friends: Brayden, Luke, and Arthur. In chat I told them what was going on and they thought I was crazy! Just then we were teleported to what appeared to be the Nether but everything was pink. Man, this creeper LOVED pink. I walked toward a fortress up ahead and my friends followed. We went in and immediately my character was forced to walk down the corridor by itself as if it was in a cutscene. I told my friends and they got scared as well. I was led to a room where I was the creeper. "WHAT THE WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!??" I screamed in real life. She said " I want YOU. I want YOU to stay with me F0r3veR. b3 w1Th M333!!!!!!!1111!!! The TV was gliching out. 1 W1lL M@k3 Y0u l0v3 M3!!!! I ran away towards my friends but she teleported in front of us. She started to float up as if she was a Wither and a boss bar had appeared saying: 0($2P82I55&N87+K879. Arthur said "Weirdest Wither ever!" She began to shoot creeper heads at my friends instantly destroying their characters.  "You are all mine now." She said coming back to the ground. "You will now join meeeeeee3323$43#$\+=+$:3+#+=:*:+$+$$+!!!!!!!! It felt as if my consciousness was moved from my body into the TV. I was in my Minecraft character's body IN minecraft. "There... Now your mine FOREVER." the creeper said.

 My New Life

I now call The Female Creeper, My Mistress. Mistress keeps me in her room. She uses me. She takes me everywhere with her and everything I do and I mean EVERYTHING, she does with me. She says she loves me and calls me her "Boyfriend" but in reality I'm her slave. I am permitted to go into my old friend's computers and talk to them once every month. Now all I can do now is just be with Mistress and only watch what she does... So I'm warning you, Mobs can become obsessed... Be careful or one day... You might be calling one your Mistress... Uh Oh! She's coming, I can't type anymore so goodbye and stay safe!