We all experience wars and fights in this wiki. All the wars led this wiki to a shameful despair. A desperate time before, now that SCP-Deadlock governs across this wiki, the wiki is no longer a place to battle. After a long peace, a newfag arrives. That is user ThatGuyEntity.

You may not know this, but two weeks ago; he asked for moderator privileges, which we unapproved for his newly arrival and lack of edits. He found it too hard. He then decided to hang out with problems that are already over. With his retarded and absent-minded personality, he decided to anger the staff of this wiki by creating a ripoff wiki. Why create a new one when something already exists?

Soon, he declared war without thinking. Oh, what a retard he is. He started gathering reinforcements, but those reinforcements were absolute retards and assholes.

"I will need an apology from Deadlock and I will cancel this war"

He needs an apology from Deadlock? My oh my, isn't that nice? Considering how much trouble he caused, he doesn't clearly deserve it. ThatGuyEntity is too much of a retard; a stubborn liar. He proclaimed himself as a master of coding, but he doesn't even know binary coding.

If the actions he's taken are too far, we will fire back, much more powerful. This will mark a new history for the wiki. The outcome is clear and simple and I cannot say it because of purposes.

This is thus far the fourth war in this wiki.

Hope for our wiki's victory

Neglect to ThatGuyEntity