The nether was finally added. I started up my game and collected some obsidian. I then made the portal and jumped in. When I arrived, I found a Ghast, But it was crying blood tears. However, When I killed it, my game froze. I then wondered, "What happened?" My computer shut down not long after too. When I turned on my computer, I noticed an unrecognized profile. I was too scared to click it, but I clicked it anyway. when I clicked it, the wallpaper showed the Ghast from before. I tried logging out, but it wouldn't let me. Suddenly, my computer restarted. The profile was gone, so I played Minecraft again. When I returned to my house everything seemed normal, except...

A player joined the game? What? His name was "Ghast" and his skin was the default skin. He didn't seem to be active. So, I asked him, "Who are you?" But he was silent... I don't think this is a player... He was just standing there, So I ignored and left him. But, when I looked back, it was following me.. I quit the game, but I noticed the launcher was different. There was even blood everywhere on my screen. I heard a noise in my backyard, but it turned out to be my dog. Though, when I entered, There was blood on the floor. I thought it was just my imagination. But, I was wrong.... I heard 2 years ago that a Minecraft player commited suicide.. Odd enough as it is, his player name was Ghast...

The End.

Of course, this story is completely fictional, like any other pasta.

BTW, This is my 1st Creepypasta.

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