Once upon a time, 6 years ago, a player walking in the night sees a road. At the end of the road he sees a nether portal he goes inside where there is a very creepy nether place with many human portraits but what is a fortress doing here then he's found a giant Statue without a face he's thinks what was that? Just a strange broken fortress and a weird code. He starts thinking that a hacker hacked him then a weird zombie was behind him. He had yellow eyes and then he kills it and it drops a book and it says 'You killed my monster but don't kill me', He freaked out and quit and he talks on twitter and he said to Notch and he said the player said is Herobrine and he struck again but Notch said no he's removed for good the player don't believe him and search what type of sightings herobrine does and has nothing about zombie with yellow eyes then a ghost with evil eyes pop quit in he's screen he's socked alot the ghost whas realistic no cube madded and he's talking 2 the player im haunt you computer a wierd red screen pop quit and it's said YOU WILL DIE. It's back to Minecraft and then he starts walking down a creepy upside-down road he's found a portal he goes inside and he's teleported in a room then another player opens the door and asks him how did you get 2 my world you hacker the main player said no it teleported then the other player said how this is impossible then they both had weird Minecraft night.The next morning they the main player told the other player he's story the other player start 2 cnow why he's go 2 he's world then they bouth teleported in a creepy room and find a chest and has a book inside it they read it and its said who they bouth freaked quit and they heard something dying its sound 2 realistic like another player killed by somoane then the ghost who whas creep quit in the main players screen whas in the room then they see 2 other players trapped in a cage one the players free them all the players they teleported in many years ago the ghost kill them all died.