Misterchiefs is a Ghoul mysteriously found on Singleplayer,Rarely on Multiplayer. Especially SpiralcraftMC.

Chapter 1

Me and my friend, SpearTorch are hunting. And then we saw a desert temple and then we collected loot. And then we saw Misterchiefs. He said we're going to die!

Chapter 2:The Multiplayer Session

We go in our server, SpiralcraftMC. There are 20 people online! And we started the drop party! Our admin, JayXmen was here! They played Spleef, PVP and Faction, and the we say the news.

Encountered on SpearingscraftNova Server

We joined in SpearingscraftNova, there are 16 People online. I am Co-Owner of this point. and SpearTorch was the Head-Admin. A MVP rank guy called Springer said there is Misterchiefs earlier. and then Misterchiefs Joined in.

Encountered on Springercraft Mineshaft

We joined on Springercraft. The owner was not here. SpearTorch was the Moderator and i am the Admin. A Legendary rank guy called SnapperTorchery said there is Misterchiefs earlier. and then Misterchiefs joined,

i am jason erik