This is some quality pasta!
You are looking at a well-written and chilling story. Do not edit unless it needs to be done or you are the author.


So here we are in the new world,We encountered him again. We saw him real. His face was red his eyes were black. and then he has green shirt.We talk to him.

Me:Who is that?

Torch:Misterchiefs again.

Me:Why do we still encountered him again and again?

Misterchiefs:Cause i will haunt you.


So it was Misterchiefs. We prepared our gun (most likely m16),And then we spawned in a forest with him. He has a bow and an arrow. the only way to kill him was to shoot him in his arm.We did it. And then we are victorious. And then the Ghoul is now dissapeared.


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