Howdy! This is my second creepypasta. I'll leave a link to my first one here:

All rules in my first creepypasta apply to this one.

Creepypasta: Ever since I first saw guardians, they COMPLETELY freaked me out. But THIS just took the cake! I should probably start from the beginning. I sometimes just goof off in creative mode, and I usually have fun doing it. Once I was playing like that, and I came across an ocean temple! :D.....or at least I thought that until this happened. The Guardians tried to shoot me with their weird rays of death. While I was in creative mode. And the hurt sound played. I was scared. Most people would say that they thought it was just a glitch. I'm not cliché like that. I pressed escape, pressed save and quit, closed the game, and spent an hour hiding under my covers.....Yes, I know I over reacted. After an hour, I decided to come back. I started Minecraft, and deleted the world that happened in. Instead, I opened another world! A superflat world!....only to find guardians literally everywhere. Seriously, the only guardian free place was in the air. I went into the menu to turn it into peaceful mode, only to find that it was already peaceful. But despite it being peaceful, it was anything BUT peaceful. Completely freaked out by this point I jumped out of my seat, trying to run away, bumped into the table, knocking it over, making everything fall off, including my computer, which's screen shattered, making it unusable. But I just kept running straight up into my bedroom......I don't even know what to say about that one.

I hope you enjoyed my creepypasta. This was HEAVILY based on the fact that I am absolutely TERRIFIED of guardians. I'm planning on making more in the future, so keep checking back here for a link to the next.