Sometimes, in video games, you die.

Like in Mario, you might accidentally fall into a hole.

Like a retard.

Or, maybe, you'll play Call of Duty and get shot in the head.

Like a retard.

Or die in Counter-Strike and wait to return as a Counter-Terrorist with one life:

Like a retard.

Like you can't assume control of the life you have in the video game... and play like a retard.

Hardcore in Minecraft resonates your real safety level. Some people choose to play Hardcore as a challenge. Others do it because, "regular Minecraft is too boring."

Maybe it's really Minecraft that finds YOU boring, retard.

Imagine that you play a game where there are numbers of possibilities and play-styles. Imagine that you only have one life before you restart the entire game without any continues. Imagine you lose the world you helped beautify and create with play blocks because you just weren't careful enough - dedicating actual time and effortalong with concentration to improving or using the world as your tool, your paintbrush...

Then, long gone goes your player, its one short life, and the one world it ever really belonged in. Oh well. Your character skin will remain the same in the next world...

... Now imagine that all over again and how your soul looks at your real human shell. You're playing hardcore mode right now, and you probably don't even know it. You're just playing in one of the Parallaxes.

I know, I am too.

And I love controlling you.