This Creepypasta is not real.


Part 1:The Legend of the Heart.

The Nether.

That eerie Hell-like place in Minecraft, filled with terrifying Ghasts, combat-hardened Zombie Pigman, big Wither Skeletons, and a fearsome Withers that can be summoned by placing 3 Wither Skeleton skulls on soul sand.

But there is one place in The Nether that you should never, ever search. It is The Heart of the Nether.

It is rumored to contain all of the horrors of the Internet, all Creepypastas dwell in this place, you can access all of the Deep Web from here.

Upon hearing or thinking about it, every Minecraft creature becomes terrified. Even Withers and Ender Dragons refuse to speak it's name.

They say,that one in a billion worlds per each Minecraft player in the world can generate The Heart of the Nether, they claim that it is only found beyond 32,000,000 blocks of X/Y axes, which is impossible to reach by normal means. They say that the Fort Ignatium in the Nether had the first Heart of Nether.

But not all is confirmed yet.

Part 2: Shade.

After this reserach, I decided to venture into some servers in attempt to find The Heart of Nether. Most of the people I asked were rude, angry or cowardly, often punching me and telling me to never speak of that.

However, an person in blue hood approached me and spoke about weird things that explain how to reach The Heart of Nether.

And it sounded unpleasant.

1) You are supposed to first find the nether fortress.

2) Go to the nearest Blaze spawner.

3) Take that spawner.

4) Chant the Christian prayer in either Armenian or Egyptian.

5) Type in the following words in intenret search bar:

Her dulyi sorringeh qzatlo galkde.fdb

Should no documents be found, The Heart of Nether is busy with something else, this can be considered very lucky.

But, what if you find something?