This poem-like story was made by Hazardguy43.

Enjoy !

The story

Long ago.

In a cave of Lion Eyes.

There was a Jester.

He was a crazy one.

Making mishaps,tricks and betrayals.

Burning forests,trapping villagers.

All survivors spoke his name in fear.

"The Jester ." They said.

"He was the fool of the Hell !"

One day.

The victims had enough.

And they were preparing.

To sow revenge upon him.

For all the evil he did.

To their brothers and sisters.

To give their families eternal peace.

"We will end this tyranny !" They said.

And they went to cross the thousand miles.

Crossing the rivers,lakes and forest.

All of them filled.

With wildness,aggression and traps.

But The Jester was not alone.

He had many allies.

And they were worse than the Devil himself.

They were so wretched,that evil threw them away.

The zombies wouldn't dare to attack them.

For they had the stench of million years.

With their forms.

They were doomed to serve The Jester.

And the rebellion came to The Jester.

"This is it!" They said.

They revolted against The Jester,they fought,they died.

But they didn't surrender.

Because they knew the world was depending on them.

And during the 7 days of agony,sorrow,misery and pain.

They were victorious.

The crown of the fools was finally split.

The scepter fell down,and broke.

Trapping all the evil caused by The Jester.

And breaking the curse.