This is my first creepypasta. It is currently just live updates. Call me Waffles.

I just got on my friends server, said "hey!" "how you doing!" He didn't answer, must have been afk.

I shrugged my shoulders, and, being bored, moved on to build. I found a rollercoaster built by a faction I had never heard of. I am an admin on that server, so I went to gamemode 1 and got a minecart. Just before I got on the coaster, I saw this... figure... it was all black with grey eyes. It had a ripped up grey shirt. That's all I could see, I was so far away. I'm going back on right now... wish me luck.

Update: I just got back on, said "I'm back!" no response. I saw the figure again. It dissapeared when I got close. The coaster, oddly enough, is gone and replaced with a new contraption that doesn't work. It just has lots of observers and a piston. I'm good at redstone, and, it wouldn't do anything even if it worked.