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This pasta is unfinished and is likely to be a journal-type pasta. If this page has not been edited for a while, then contact the author. In extreme cases, add a part yourself.
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The structure i saw during the exploration.

Work in progress!
This pasta is unfinished and is likely to be a journal-type pasta. If this page has not been edited for a while, then contact the author. In extreme cases, add a part yourself.

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Disclaimer,please read:

This is not real.



Greetings reader !

I'm not gonna be an average creepypasta narrator who talks about some spooky creature who kills you in the sleep etc...

But I'm going to talk about the much darker thing, something that almost ruined my life, something that almost killed me. I can remember all of this by simply thinking about bathyal zone in the oceans.

Part 1: Underrack caves.

Well.Let's begin.

It was a normal day in Minecraft.I was playing some singleplayer,looking for ores,hunting creepers etc... .Well,that wasn't that much of a fun,but hey!

Minecraft is supposed to be a sandbox game.That's what i thought for a while.But i warn you,it's not what it seems like.In fact,it holds some of the most beautiful and painful secrets.

While i was exploring some oceans i noticed something red in the distance.Luckily i had a potion of night vision,so i used it for this.Shortly after using it i noticed that it was a netherrack skull structure with golden eyes and obsidian eyebrows.

I swore that i never made something like that,since i didn't even have any netherrack.But curiosity drew the best of me,an i was eager to see what was inside the skull.

However,as soon as i entered,the entrance was blocked off with bedrock,all of the water was drained.I thought to myself:"Sh*t.What if it's a pathway to suffering or something else ?"

But having no other option,i ventured inside the cave.

As i was walking through the caves,i noticed some beautiful statues made out of prismarine,gold,diamonds etc... .But then,the pathway to no return started.

The ground Cracked open,and i fell into a deep hole.I thought that this is the pathway to Hell in Minecraft.But as soon as i landed on the bottom,i was scared.

Down in the bottom,there were lots of skeleton heads and bones lying in the distance.I thought that this was some failed attempt to be scary,but as soon as i walked to the nearby room,it was a nasty surprise.

In the room there were a lot of bodies hanged on meat hooks,there was a table with lots of objects that looked like torture devices.But the most surprising thing is that the hanged bodies didn't look like Minecraft cube models,they were more looking like real life people.

But as soon as i reached them,the doors behind closed,and the whole room became dark.Well,that's Goddamn bullsh*t.But shortly after that,i was instantly killed,while a loud pig-like snorting sound came out of my speakers.

But then,my Minecraft closed by itself.Shortly after that,my PC shut itself off and it refused to work again.Bloody Hell !Looks like 1000 dollars went into nothing.

But then,an Google mail message came on my phone screen.Here is what the message said:


The message:

Greetings Mr.Bigwalrus6031.

We are here to inform you that you have found the Underrack caves.

Because of this,we have permanently deactivated your personal computer to make sure our location remains a secret to the public eye.

Until midnight,your body will be put into paralysis until we come to collect you.

We are coming to your residence at midnight to collect you.

At midnight,do not leave your residence,or we will be authorized to use violent actions against you.

You will be 354267th gladiator of The Midnight Zone.

The King will be pleased.

~The Midnight Zone~.

Part 2: Deadline.


I've invited someone who is probably an sick psychopath,but what's worse is that i'm unable to move until midnight.The only thing i can hope for is that someone comes and rescues me.But that is hardly gonna happen at this time.

11:55 PM - I hope that this suffering ends,i really need to pee,but i can't even move

12:00 PM - Looks like i can move again,finally.

However,as soon as i rose up,i heard some clanking.They are probably here.I slowly went to the kitchen,where the sound came from.But what was inside the kitchen was eerie.

Inside the kitchen was a person,around 6.7 feet tall,with a mask.He was holding some sort of dagger and a gun.I was shaking in fear,the person noticed me shortly after i looked at it.

I tried to run,but shortly after that more people appeared and attacked me with guns.I was trying to run away from them.The only known safe place was the bedroom,but it was locked.I tried to hide in the bathroom,but something bad happened.

As soon as i came near the bathroom,and huge,red,muscular creature tackled me to the ground,breaking my nose.The last thing i remember is the fist the size of bowling ball flying into my sorry face.

Part 3: Capture.

"The king will be pleased"