I am writing this story to warn you. Something has changed me forever, and I can't go back now. It was my first time plome with a mine. I was scared by the horse, so no matter what I kept an eye on it.

Soon I even had a stable for the horse. There would be no escape from it except an escape I allowed to happen. Confident I could leave it alone for a bit, I went away to spend the incoming night mining. When I was back an astonishing sight met my eyes. My stable was gone, but the fence I tied the horse up to was still there, The lead was still on it, but it looked as if it had been cut off... I saw the horse for a moment going up to the stables where I started so I did

Every night I had dreams about it. Eventually I sent an email to Notch saying:


To:The Black Cat Subject:No

I am watching your emails. I am not a hacker, but I have been watching you. It is no Easter egg... It should have been. But plans changed and they refused me. So I took up my new job inside the computer. I am everything you saw. Notch cannot help you.


Reply number two- From Notch

To:The Black Cat Subject:Minecraft

My old friend had the idea of making it an Easter egg that you have a horse you can ride found within the world. There wasn't enough room for this update so he got really, reake put it on protect mode it could be griefed tommorow

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