A player named RedstoneFan45 was mining for redstone then he's sees a strange Steve like entity what made out of redstone the entity start spawning other weird redstone made entitys like him the player not have idea and he's start run away how does know how to stop the entity then something weird happened he's feet made out of redstone the entity effect him and if he's not gona destroy all he's redstone machines he's become into redstone dust.They gone mouths he's almost forgot about that then he's torso made quit of redstone to then he remembered then the entity is back then he's chat what you want from me then the entity said YOU BECOME INTO REDSTONE DUST FORM TAKE OVER MINECRAFT YOU NEVER DEFEAT NONE then the player said im don't cnow mach about you only about Herobrine Entity 303 Null and many other monster but not about you.Then None gone mad everything go upside down everything gone very weird then he remembered what the only way to become normal again and kill the entity is to destroy all he's machines he's back at he's house and put tnt over he's machine then None clear it and all he's tnt then he's not have anymore chance to destroy then entity and become normal then he's saw a creeper he make the creeper chase him and destroy one of he's machine he's need 2 destroy more machine then he's got an idea.He's he's had idea 2 spawn a wither then he's put the soul sand and the wither skulls spawn a wither and it destroy the machines None is gone but the problem was what a wither was destroy everything but None is not gone forever.

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