So, this short document was created by me. I am called Grifter. I shan't make a Wikia account, for this is the only reason I am here. I am using a different IP, lest someone finds me.


This wiki. Once a republic, now a kingdom. Things went the other way in the world.

This wiki is ruled by SCP-Deadlock, Chicken64, Skeleton11223, and themaster401. The latter two are inactive. This focuses on Chicken. Extensive surveillance of Chicken's activity and a fuck ton of thinking have led me to writing this.

Here goes.

I strongly believe that Chicken64 is planning a conspiracy against Deadlock, Skeleton and Master, a coup d'état. While Deadlock is inactive. Chicken rules with an iron fist, but he is prevented from dictatorship, because of the other admins. My theory is that will seize power by persuading Deadlock to make him a bureaucrat, and then he wwill block all those that have a sniff of opposition. He will then establish an internet dictatorship. Anyone who makes any negative remarks when he is offline, you will be caught by his secret police, who will report that person. The offender will be permabanned, and all their comments and pages removed.

This is all known from a spy in the Chicken database, whom I will not name.

All people will live in fear when they are under Chicken and his ghastly rule. As no one can step up to him, since he is the most powerful user. Our only hope is to oust Chicken and stop the coup before it starts. We cannot build a wall like Trump, but Chicken supports Trumpm, and Trump is evil, so we must not try. We must persuade an admin to prevent Chicken's Reich, and they should permaban him and as many of his disciples as they can. We cannot have a reign of terror. CRUSH CHICKEN!

And on that note, goodbye.


Written by Revaeropium.