Author's Note:

Hey Guys!!! This is Willzombie and this is quite a famous CreepyPasta and I hope you enjoy it!!! Also, this isn't my CreepyPasta, I am telling you one that already exists.

The Red Steve

The Red Steve is a Red Stalker that spawns in your world and makes your game very slow and laggy. A sign that he is in your world are signs that say '5' on a regular Oak Tree. Sometimes, there is a rare chance you can spawn him by creating a Redstone Podium but 50% of the time, Herobrine will spawn as well and he will spawn when The Red Steve is trying to attack you but The Red Steve can't attack you so that is why he summons Herobrine. Simalar to Famous CreepyPastas, you sometimes see a Herobrine-Like stalking figure around you world.

Here is a Video of him being summoned with Herobrine:

How to summon red steve01:19

How to summon red steve

Minecraft Pe Red Steve sighting 1000000% REAL01:05

Minecraft Pe Red Steve sighting 1000000% REAL

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