Hello this that I step in Minecraft 1.7.2 to been strange not went back to sleep well all eat so a very dark day that I do not rot out, I was playing Minecraft and after killing the Enderdragon went in search of a village I found a not far away I came across a villager who had a necklace was weird IS THAT THERE IN MINECRAFT ?! but not a single but a Alvarez cross saw if I could buy something and saw that sold me What Infrared? lava that was weird always gave emeralds gave the infrared and gave me the lava villager said something that chilled me and said in chat HOW DOES THAT MIGHT EVEN IF YOU CAN AND WAS PLAYING IN ONE ?! I said NO SLEEP QUIET BECAUSE WE will kill you. I start to hit I thought how could I kill and a lament of a person I left that place was heard far away I found nothing but close I saw something was infrared saw and ....... I had washed ele inside .... and ..... sorry I ran up a sign Dacia WE GIVE THIS scare me and worse next one Alvarez avid cross appeared a shadow I turned and try to kill her but I could not even achieve take a picture while I he left a voice menu in Spanish Desi KNOW ALL YOU CAN SEE WHY COVER YOUR WINDOW WILL KILL YOU FOR AY heard ............

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