I opened Minecraft, like normal. I went about my day, breaking trees and so on. I started to mine, breaking the base of a cliff, when I found a Stronghold! I was so lucky! I eagerly entered, killing the silverfish, and got to the End Portal chamber. I added Eyes of Ender, and jumped through, thrilled. When I spawned on the platform, the bottomless Void surrounding me, I leapt onto the End's land. I saw a beam of light in the mystically starry charcoal sky, and jumped with fright when I saw the creature creating it: the Ender Dragon! The dragon turned towards me and charged me. I had been going on a pleasure trip, and I wasn't prepared with the enchanted bow I'd need to kill it.

The last thing I saw before I died...

...was its purple eyes...

...turn white.

***This pasta supports my belief that the Ender Dragon IS Herobrine***


I decided to delete that world forever and make a new one. Obviously, I was scarred for life and wanted to start fresh. Then, I spawned next to some sort of structure, which was a house. The house was REALLY dark, just pitch black. I went into the building then heard something making a noise. I decided to follow the noise, and I discovered a phone, and there was a call. It said it was from some guy who was anonymous. I accepted the call and then the person said in a static voice, "Help, I'm surrounded by fire, come to the portal hidden in the stronghold." I found a stronghold and found a portal with 3 eyes of ender. I only had 9 left, so I decided to place them inside. I fell in the portal and spawned into a world that looked TOTALLY different, and I saw a guy tied up on a pillar surrounded by fire. I thought he was the guy who called for help, so I came up to him, but he didn't look normal. He had one of his eyes purple, and the other one white. Then behind me, I saw a dragon, with glowing white eyes. i took out my sword and started to hit it, but it wasn't taking damage. It hit me with its wings, and then I died instantly. In the end screen, the anonymous guy had no eyes, and a pitch black skin.

...I closed my laptop...

...then I saw a note that said, "TURN THIS OVER"

It said, "Time for real life..."