The Shadow Lord.

Authors Note.

Please Notice this is FAKE (Just like all other pastas),and I would like it if you don't change anything except fixing my grammar,thanks!

Grammar corrected by TheMysteriousHood.

Sighting I, 20.-7.-2016.

It was 2 weeks since I played Minecaft the last time,I played Geometry Dash more often,I was at 64% of Clutterfunk,but it seemed impossible,I heard there was a snapshot,and people claiming they saw a black/gray entity in their eye corners.I did Always want to spot Entity 303,Herobrine,or Null in Minecraft,as the creator of Entity 404 I did know not every pasta is real, but when I was young I did believe in them, so i did decide to play some Minecraft snapshot,I created a Singeplayer world called:Entity show yourself.The first thing I noticed was that everything was white and black and gray.I rejoined the world and everything did seem fine now. I did kill some Animals,built a house and did do the other basic stuff,until I did notice the shadow of my animals where moving while the animals didn't move, then I got killed.

<Me> Got slain by him.

I remembered Herobrine was called him so I thought, could he be real?But no,he isn't,Notch did say it by himself!So this idea was gone fast.

Then I saw him,in front of me,the entity I wanted to see,he only looked at me...

<???> I... Control...

<???> YOU!

Then my game crashed and the snapshot was not available anymore.

Sighting II, 25.-12.-2016.

IT WAS CHRISTMAS,I read a post of a user called GuardianOfMars (I am GuardianOfMars,creator of Entity 404 who is writing this!),he just admitted Entity 404 is fake (He is fake,100000% true,I admit.), but he did saw a new Entity,he said that it told him he did control him.I hunted for this mysterious entity, until I realized I had no shadow was 100 blocks in front of me somehow,then it said the old trusted text:

Sam1245 Joined the game.

<Me> YO SAM!Wanna Skype call?

<Sam1245> Sure!

<Me> I will call you!

But Sam1245 was offline,I messaged him through Whatsapp,he said he wasn't playing MC at all.

<Me> Listen,I know you aren't the real Sam...


Sam,who teleported in front of me,changed to a gray entity,and according to the information that GuardianOfMars Gave us,it was the entity he saw too?

<Me> Tell me your name,and is this your real self?

<???> This is my real self.

He duplicated himself 1000 times.

<Shadow> Try to find me,and I will give you my have 10 minutes until I crash your game.

I looked and punched all the shadows, but none of them was the entity

<ShadowL> 2 Minutes!

I did only had to punch 100 entities until I got them all!I punched them like a idiot until I heard lightning striking outside the sky.

<48583837!&@#**#> Well done,you found me,mortal...

<304993(E*#R*()389e90> My name is...

<Shadowic> But call me The Shadow Lord.

Then my game froze,I did contact GuardianOfMars if he wanted to write/edit a page with the information.

Sighting III, 24.-4.-2017.

I did never thought Clubstep would be so insane,I threw my Phone outside the window when I died at 99%, and decided to play some Minecraft.1.11.2 was a version I never played,so I played that,created a server to play with my friends,the player limit was 25000,i added the server to my server list when I saw something impossible,the server had 24999 people online!When I joined, this was what I saw:

<???> 48858u9*(%I%JNTIRFOKMLFJBFJIOPRI(UIJKU(OI$(%OJUI(OSowkr309i58iokmljnuiksn

^ x24999 every time,the server did shutdown because it was lagging too hard.I restarted it,and to my suprise,this time there was only 1 guy in it.

<Herobrine> Welcome.

<Me> Uhm you are fake,Herobrine is fake!

<Herobrine> Am I?Or am I not?Life is a illusion.

<Me> Sure... don't talk like those crazy scientistes.

<Herobrine>I will come to you.

And He teleported in front of me,he started to vanish,and reappear as a total new person called: TheShadowLord

<TheShadowLord>I am here to capture this and build my shadow empire,you are my host,and my guest,if you try to disconnect however,you will be my prisoner.You will go when I order you to go.

<Me> Are you crazy?

<OwNeR> THe ShaDoW lOrd: DIE

And my game froze:

Java output error: DIE!

Modded? Very likely.Unknown code detected.

i was too horrified to play Minecraft again,and decide to go die hard in Clubstep on Geometry Dash.

Who am I?

You might not believe me,but I am the alt of the writer (GuardianOfMars)of Entity 404,the well known pasta (It's in popular pages =P),I like to write pastas,and you might want to know this won't be my last one! Thanks for reading!