Stalker Saga

All three parts of the stalker series, all on one page! Enjoy!


I...I don't have much time. You have to help me! He's coming!

On NightFyre

I was playing on a server I like, NightFyre. I was just building in creative plots and I was the only person online. Suddenly, without anything popping up in chat to announce that a player had joined, a strange conversation started. This dudes' name wasn't even possible to have in the game and he seemed to be able to change it. He also flew while typing. So, here is the conversation:

[Moderator]<HyperStanners>How the flaming 
drongo did you get a name like that??!
<Albino-Stalker>Oh, this is bad?
<Albino Stalker>This better?
[Moderator]<HyperStanners>What the...?
<Albino Stalker>No?
[Moderator]<HyperStanners>I guess but HOW?
<AlbinoStalker>Will you be my friend?
<AlbinoStalker>Hey I think I live near you

We built together for a while but he was starting to creep me out.

<AlbinoStalker>We should meet in real life!
[Moderator]HyperStanners>Uh I have to go
<AlbinoStalker>No! We are having so much fun!
<AlbinoStalker>LIAR! I HATE​ YOU!
HyperStanners has left the game.
<AlbinoStalker>Friend! Come back!!!

On Singleplayer

I joined a survival world I had. It was not open to LAN. I started building my new house. When suddenly, the trees around me where all set on fire at the same time. This came up in the chat:

<AlbinoStalker>YOU LEFT ME! WHY?!

How did he join? And why didn't the game tell he joined?

<HyperStanners>I had to go!
<AlbinoStalker>I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!
<AlbinoStalker>LIAR! LIAR! DIE IN A FIRE!
<HyperStanners>What the flaming drongo?

I saw him! He rushed towards me!

<AlbinoStalker>KNOCK KNOCK

When he said that, there was actually a knock at my door. I ignored it, and there hasn't been another one since. Suddenly, my game crashed. As I reloaded it, the message by Minecraft said "You left me!". A coincidence?

On Spinkour

Three weeks later, I was playing another server I like, Spinkour. I was trying to complete the red parkour when this happened:

<AlbinoStalker>Hello again.

I turned around and he was right behind me! He punched me - which isn't meant to be possible in Spinkour - and I fell off the map and died. But instead of a respawn button, it said " Prepare. I'm coming for you. You are NOT MY FRIEND!


I ran upstairs and locked all the doors to confuse him. I was the only one home. I grabbed my laptop and went onto this wiki. My friend Stanners borrowed my laptop and forgot to sign out. I set up this page but before I could type, the door to the house smashed in. I typed as fast as I could, my fingers are bleeding and a fingernail has fallen off. As I type this I heard light feet jogging up the stairs. He's fiddling with the lock to my room, knowing I'm here even though I'm not making a sound. He's in! I need to publish! HELP ME! YOU HAVE TO -



Agh...this is Stanners. I'm locked in a room. I don't know where. I have my laptop here so...yeah. Wait, wait! Someone's at the door! No, two people! The door's unlocked! 

A boy, wiry, with dirty blond hair and flint-grey eyes. Kiran stumbles into the room.

Sheesh, what is HE doing here? He uses my Minecraft account in return for doing my homework for me. But when did...did...he get...TORN?

"Stanners!" Kiran sags against the wall. "When did Albino Stalker get you?" 

"Me? He just nabs me from Party Zone, saying I betrayed him. Then," I gulp, "He crashes through the window and knocks me out."

Suddenly, the door opens. Albino Stalker sounds there.

He's pale, with spiky white hair and rose eyes. He isn't very tall, but still somewhat lanky. He's dressed in a white toga with a beige sash.

"Ready?" He asks in his soft voice. Behind that emotionless mask lies a madman.

Suddenly, someone slamns into Albino Stalker, knocking him off his feet. Albino Stalker throws him into the wall, but this stranger comes back with a snarl. They start flipping around, blocking attacks from each other.

This new stranger has raven hair and coal-black eyes. His left ear has a golden hoop hanging from it, and his fingers are covered with rings and bangles. He wears a dark blue bodysuit with silver streaks and black boots.

Albino Stalker kicks him down the stairs.

"That is the Emo Stalker. His name is Enzo." Albino Stalker says, turning to us.

"Janson!" Emo Stalker wraps an arm round Albino Stalker's throat. Albino Stalker bends over, flipping Emo Stalker to the ground. Emo Stalker sweeps Albino Stalker's legs from under him, then graps and launches him when he falls.

"Run!" Emo Stalker snaps at us. His voice has an edge to it, but isn't as deep as I expected. Me and Kiran obey and sprint down the stairs.

Downstairs, one large room greets us. The door is at the far end, but between us and it, a massive office greets us. We do not focus on it, but avoid and dodge it all.

We burst from the building. It seems to be a tower block. I wonder how Albino Stalker got it. 

"Where can we go? We can't go home, they know where we live!" Kiran starts panicking. "This is terrible!" 

"Wait." I say, sprinting back into the building. I rummage around in drawers and find about five hundred quid.

"Go!" I shout at Kiran. We run, a figure smashing out the window after us. I don't know if Albino Stalker - Janson - was intending to chase us, or if Emo Stalker - Enzo? - threw him out. Probably both.

We hail a taxi and go a few miles. We rent a hotel room and buy two new laptops (that's how I can type this), and try to settle on a plan.

"Is Emo Stalker on our side?" Kiran asks.

"I don't know." Enzo helped us, but he seems spiteful and vicious. I don't trust him yet.

"Well, what should we do?"

"We need to tell the police."

"Are you mad?"

We decide to use our new cheap laptops only to monitor strange stuff. Janson seems to be able to track our activity...

Kiran went off and I crashed out on the sofa. Before I could sleep, something cracked me in the side of the head.


Kiran here. I went to take a shower (don't worry no details shall be revealed) and when I dressed and came out, Stanners lay on the ground, unconscious. I run to him.

Emo Stalker drops from the ceiling onto me.

I collapse under his weight. He starts punching me and I block my head as best as I can, but the punches are getting through. I hear something crack in Emo Stalker's hand, but he grunts and switches to palm shots. 

Stanners tries to kick him in the side of the head, but he's groggy and only sort of nudges Enzo's head with his foot. Enzo grabs his foot, gets up and swings him around to crash on top of me.

I wake up later - I don't know how much later - tied to a chair in my apartment. I'm so tired of being imprisoned. I hear Stanners groan behind me and release that we're tied back-to-back. 

"Do you know why you're here?" Enzo asks. I can't see him.

"Janson needs victims. In order to survive, he must eat souls."

"He took yours but when he decides on victims, he has to use them. No switching. In order to survive he needs you to die. That is why he is hunting you so feverishly."

"How did you get here first?" I ask. I don't think I'm going to like this answer.

"Janson is on his way, don't you worry. He was delayed. I impaled him with a lamppost."

How is that possible?

"And now..." Enzo leans into me. "I need to defeat him." His eyes change from coal-grey to ebony. "So I need more power." I hear a pop as his jaw dislocates. "I'm going to have to eat your soul."

A claw comes out of his mouth, getting sucked to my chest. I scream as my consciousness is leeches out of me. Stanners rocks the chair and I fall on my face, but the claw doesn't loosen. I can't scream - can't speak at all - or see now. I can't hear, or feel the blood pumping from my nose.

I am not aware of the katana going through the back of Enzo, or the glowing machete that slices the claw in half. I find out later that a slender figure with dyed hair of rainbow stripes and a brightly coloured tracksuit did both of these things.

I lose awareness altogether.

There's nothing.



Stanners here. Kiran would tell you but he's lying on the bed and I'm not sure he's going to wake up.

About eighty percent of his soul lies inside the corpse of Emo Stalker - Enzo - which twitches and tremors from time to time. The part of Kiran's soul in him is unravelling and will eventually return to Kiran bit by bit, but the question is if he'll survive long enough for that to happen.

Asa monitors the computers. He saved Kiran's life - which is split in two parts - by killing Enzo with his katana. He also brought a machete and a fire axe. "Take your pick," he said. The fire axe was heavy, but I have no idea how to use a katana and I've seen the machete glow. I now have a fire axe.

Asa explained that he was the last of the Stalkers - at least the ones in this continent (I prefer not to think about what that might mean) - and he was the Rainbow Stalker. His striped hair and brightly coloured clothes - and even his tropical-painted fingernails! - show this. His purpose is to defend the victims of Janson. So far, he has succeeded zero times.

Now, Albino Stalker - Janson - is coming and our only hope of stopping him is Asa. His purpose is to protect the victims of Janson. That means us.

"What does Albino Stalker want?" I ask Asa.

"He grows stronger and stronger with each soul," answers the Rainbow Stalker. "Eventually he will be unchallenged."

"Why don't we run?" 

He glances at me. "He would find us no matter what. I trailed Enzo and I think he trailed me for at least part of the journey."

Kiran groans. I hurry to him. His pupils have faded into his eye whites and his hair has fallen out. But he can see, here, feel and speak now. Big improvement.

Suddenly, there's a small thump on the floor above our apartment. We all look up as Janson bursts through the window. Asa tackles him and attempts to slice his belly open with the katana. Janson grabs the blade, squeezes and it shatters.

Janson bicycle kicks Asa out of the window. Great. I'm glad that I have such a skilled bodyguard to defend me.

I charge Janson but he throws the shards of glass and metal clenched in his fist in my eyes. I stagger around, blinded, until I'm felled by a punch, but helped back up by an uppercut to the chin.

Janson's rose eyes go a much deeper red. I know what's coming. My soul will be gone.

Asa, meanwhile, is ignoring the cries of the people around him and simply trying  to get back upstairs.

I hear the familiar pop as Janson's jaw dislocates. The claw will be out soon.

Kiran moans and Enzo tremors. I remember how the Emo Stalker fought Janson when we escaped the lair of the Albino Stalker. If only he could help us.

Four things happen at once.

Kiran sits bolt up like he's been stung, the claw shoots out of Janson's mouth, I plunge the fire axe into his throat, and Asa bursts into the room.


The claw recoils and is sucked back into Janson's throat. He hunkers down onto all fours, his throat split wide open and a fire axe still in his gigantic mouth (there's only room due to his dislocated jaw). Asa jumps on him knees first, and does a handstand so his full body weight pushes down on Janson. But I can see that Asa is very weak. An ordinary human would have died hitting the ground. Asa must have a few broken bones.

Janson grunts and tilts his body slightly. Asa, easily unbalanced in his handstand position, hits the ground hard. Albino Stalker crawls to him, taking the axe from his mouth. Asa tries to sit up but he's too slow to avoid the axe now wedged deep in his stomach. He saved the lives of both me and Kiran, but no-one was able to save his. I watch as he and Janson try and survive longer than the other.

Janson wins.

I charge him as he sits up but he grabs me and, standing up, cracks my head against his knee. I try to regain consciousness as he snaps my neck. Luckily, my spinal cord didn't break, meaning I can enjoy all the pain without a danger of dying anytime soon.

Kiran screeches something I don't understand. Then he drops down by Enzo. I see something like mist but with a shape like a phantom drift from his chest to Enzo Stalker.

He's given the rest of his soul back to Enzo.

He's saved my life. Saved my life and doomed us all.

Emo Stalker charges into Janson. They grapple, each in control of each others' arms. Enzo wins easily, due to Janson's state. I watch as his body crumples like a rag doll and the Albino Stalker dies.

I try to feel remorse, but after the deaths of Asa and Kiran, I find there's none inside me.

Enzo turns to me. I suddenly realise that with Kiran's soul, maybe he now inhabits Enzo's body?

I'm half right. They both seem to be inside, fighting for control. Kiran had the machete, and as they lurch over to his body, Enzo gains control. He effortlessly picks up the machete and walks over to me.

Suddenly Kiran gains control. He plunges the machete into the left eye of Enzo.

Both of them die.

And I join them...

So that's the series! I personally think this may be my best one! I'm sorry that little of it is on Minecraft, I really am, but it all got started because of Minecraft! A small part of this was based on a video by AlongCameJosh and when I discovered that no-one had written that up on this wiki, I decided to take matters into my own hands. How did I do? - HyperStanners777