Once many years ago there was a Wiki. The Wiki was beloved by all, and was ruled by a kind, non-totalitarian Founder who only deleted the most absurd. Eventually, the Founder disappeared, and the Wiki was left on its own devices. It went on well for a while, until a most horrible event happened. A user known as the master401 or something similar started deleting entire pages and putting unnecessary deletion tags. Then people started to request deletion of the bread and butter stories, so an evil dictator named Madin took over the Wiki, deleted all the b+b pages, and put strict quality control, until only a few creepypastas were left. Count slowly increased, but views decreased. Nobody wanted to be there anymore. Until, one day, a wise vampire created his own personal wiki, which was taken over by hackers, and is now used as a multi-purpose wiki. People began to post various things on there, until the admins and founder disappeared, and the Wiki was left to its own devices.....

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