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Hello there. I am Dan, AKA WaffleDinosaur. I am also a moderator on this wiki.

Currently, I am of undisclosed age. A hint is that it rounds up to twenty, but isn't less than sixteen.

Let me get on with the story. The story of me. No, this is not me going on an ego trip. I was inspired to make this page by HazardGuy, Aaron, and well, that's really it. So let's begin.


It is quite the funny story of how I was introduced to this wiki. I was hearing much about a Minecraft story known as "Entity 303" and decided to Google it. When the page loaded, there was a text block with a short excerpt from the story and a link to a page. The Entity 303 page. I enjoyed the page as it was a whole new experience to me. On the same day, I uploaded my first page. This page was an old one I had made about three years before, but I spruced it up so it would seem a little bit better. The page was called "COLDBLOODDATA" and received a very nice comment from a user named Trixavy the next day. He gave me some advice which I took into consideration and edited my page. The page then was molded to a nice, fluid page instead of constant swears and such. The next day on March 5th, I uploaded arguably my most famous page, Entity-M458. I say "famous" because a famous Italian YouTuber by the name of MateoFire97 read the page and did not give me any credit at all. I was tempted to file a copyright strike but did not as YouTube requires you to give out unwanted information. I then gave the first comment that wasn't on my own page. It was on the most famous awful page here. Green Steve. The next day I gave another comment, on the BBGhost page which I particularly had a strong disliking for. The next day I made another comment asking why Sheol was changed to The Fallen Seraphim and then asked why it was a candidate for deletion. I then found a page called "Darkness of the Farlands". I absolutely adored this page; it was extremely inspiring to me. It was fluid and just extremely well written. Props to Master for that page.

On April 15th, I made my first blog post. This is what it said.

Hi. I'm Waffle. I'm a newcomer, but I'm already ranked #5 on this wikia. Man.

This fact made me extremely surprised because I had no idea that I could be ranked so high in only a month. I then made my worst page, Hamilton Coding. The reason I despise this page is because of the unnecessary gore that was in it and I just disliked it.

Then, Tenner came along.

Tenner is my little brother, he's only 11. He thought it would be funny to rage at one of the admins (which ended up in the blocking of me) and I was extremely angry. I complained and asked to be unbanned. This was when I met Chicken. For those who don't know, Chicken is one of the four admins that are in control. Chicken was nice, though his grammar was not the best. I'm not trying to beat up on Chicken by saying that. Not everyone has the best grammar. This is just making me sound like a dick. Sorry.


After about four months of being on the wiki, I learned from my mistakes. Chicken made me a discussions/chat moderator to make up for the block and I was very grateful. On the first of August, I made a page called "Mimic" and it was received fairly well. This chapter is what I like to call "The New Age" as it is after the outlawing of Trollpastas. This was a good step in the wiki's future.

I then made the blog post known as "I may be taking a break."

I then took a five-day break, as I thought it was better for my sanity (lol). I then reuploaded a page known as "The Assassin66 Machine" which for some reason was deleted. I don't know why.

I then started going to therapy for a little bit and then stopped as I got over whatever was happened. I knew that I had friends here as well. That just warms my heart. I'd just like to interrupt the story and say thank you to all of the moderators and all of the people here who have been nice to me through my strange mood pattern. I'm extremely grateful.

Anyways, that is the end of Chapter Two.