A kid what whas playing minecraft named leaded using the username CrazyLeader67 whas playing in many server one day some players say him is bad at playing games he's start crying he's mom woried he's sais what is nothing wrong then he go too empty server then he's walking very slow 2 players scare him and continue too make him sad he continue he continue crying then the kids dad worried too he start helping him then one day the kid died mysteriously no one ever cnow why one day 2 players the ones who offended him see a creepy ghost type creature that whas the CrazyLeader67 but whas a ghost now and they are become into statues from that day he's spirit whants revenge from everyone who make he's life bad.

thats mean what he's start make many creepy stuff too the ones behind he's death.

The ages go fast and the ghostly guy back for make everywhere chaos he's cnow the what happend 2 the future like he whas a seer or something and where he's get the name that whas eazy 2 the police find him he's kill many players in minecraft bouth in real life he's work with the most evilest criminals in minecraft 2 take over the game.He's got better and better criminal with the ages it whas almost impossible 2 police find him then many players start 2 scared but stronghold seer whas a op entity can go throw worlds and then the player is gone somoane need stop this entity but who then.A shadow whas behind the strornghold seer he's don't even cared he's whas a monster him self then the shadow become bigger and bigger then a stranger entity pop qout and the entity want 2 destroy stronghold seer for take he's throne back from stronghold seer then the entity whas qout from he's one shadow he whas entity 303 he's throw a fireball 2 stornghold seer and destroyed everything part of the stronghold seer become into dust the stronghold seer is not enymore haunting minecraft but Entity303 is back and is more powerful from ever.

Other theories who ghost can be.

Some people say what this is the ghost of an actual seer and not a minecraft player one day long many ages ago before games existed a seer who want to out from he's job and become rich then he's saw a wierd guy with wierd clothes similar to us now.The seer said who are you? the guy said im a time traveler then the seer said what you doing here the time traveler said im been stuck in game for long time then im create a machine to take this good days before im been stuck in minecraft the seer don't cnow anything the man said then the time traveler transform into blue red eyed mad scientist obviously only a mad scientist can go throw time but who is he???.It whas Withdrow the Evil then he's said one day you will become one of us the seer start dying and he's actually died then he's spirit stuck in minecraft the only way he's can't out is to kill the players then he's start killing and killing then somoane whas seeing him he whas a Zombie and he's said him finally you make the players suffer what we suffer the seer said not problem for me it whas much fun im want kill more and more until its over people said what stronghold seer comes at night then the moon is full at the strongholds waiting to kill players bout minecraft and real life.

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