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YoungAutists and Ninjabunny11 presents:


In 2013, me and my best friend were playing minecraft 1.6.4. We decided to get wood and craft items etc. My minecraft crashed without any reason and i started it again. My friend left the game because he wanted to sleep a while and the LAN mode was still opened. I found out that another player is on my server with the name "Teleport". My first question was "Who are you?". The player write only one thing on the chat bar, then he left the game, i will write the chat bar below this text:

YoungAutists: Who are you?

Teleporter: Cra.

Teleporter left the game.

I wondered what he was talked about, then i decided to play singleplayer, without opening in LAN

When i completed my house, i heard some enderman teleportations, but my Dificulty was set on Peaceful. I was scared a bit, i mean, who can teleport??? I took my sword and looking around i found a cave with lava in it. There was a Jukebox, "Disc C418 - 13" and a sign "Play me" on it. When i tapped right click on the Jukebox my Minecraft begun to glitch. A person was standing behind me, a person with Gray Jacket, Gray Hat and his skin was a bit black. The "Teleport" teleported me to a unknown location were i could not move. "WTF?" i said. I tried to quit the game, nothing happend. Tried ALT+F4, nothing happend aswell...he came closer to me and on the chat bar this appeared:

Teleport: Crash-report.

Then my pc crashed (Bluescreen)...and when it came back everything was normal. Who is that person? Have you ever meet him??? BE CAREFUL!

Here's a image with his skin: