One day I was playing Minecraft with my friends one of them wanted 8 bedrock and 1 command block I gave him then he crafted a crafting table in the crafting table he crafted A block named the Unknown Block. At night at 3:00 am some notifications sound came from my PC and I saw 1 billion notifications from Minecraft. I opened Minecraft and saw that world which my friend made a Unknown Block for me then it automatically opened and it was telling to place the Unknown Block in the chat I didn't know who was telling that but i placed the block and The world started lagging then my chat was saying teleport to x-666 e-666 y-666 I did it and saw Herobrine, Entity 303, Entity 404 and Entity Infinity. The were summoning the Unknown Boss. After I killed the Unknown Boss a message came Your friend will be killed. The next day I went to his house and saw him stabbed in his heart with some thing. Then the next day when I opened The Minecraft file I saw a new file that was not in the Minecraft file before. It was written The Unknown File then I opened it then I saw a document written who ever creates this will die. Then after some months it was written in the document this was only made once and made by the devil's.