What is the Void?. A pitch black place where nothing can survive? or a place of death, waiting for more things to die in it?. We don't know. After Minecraft was created, People loved mining. But little did they know, They shouldn't have had to dig straight down. The first person, a man named Steve, had dug straight down a hole in his world till he reached bedrock. He saw it for the first time. He tried and tried and tried to break it but couldn't. Curious to know what was under it, He switched to creative mode and destroyed the block. After he broke it, his face turned in horror. All he could see around him was pitch black. All the souls lurking in the Void came to him, asking for a way out. He was very scared, but with his bravery he accepted to help them. The souls told him what he needed to do. He had to do 3 things. 1) Defeat the wither and get his nether star. 2) Find the Ender Dragon and kill it. 3)Head to the farthest point in the world and destroy the Far Boss. Steve, with his bravery, went and did all the things and got instantly teleported to The Void. There, he saw all the souls that had died and were ready to escape from the Void King. To be continued.......

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