Notice !

This is a non canon spin-off of The Vultures,in which a very long War between trolls and Minecraft Creepypasta Wikia accidently cause "The Great Armageddon" in which most of Wikias end up destroyed,and all survivors heavily changed.

Introductory Part 1:Welcome!

Welcome lucky reader!

Today,we will talk about the event called "Thy Great War".Grab whatever of food and drink survived in this catastrophe,sit on a few remaining chairs and relax,for we are speaking chaos.

Part 2:The Characters.

First of all,we shall talk about the survivors,and how they changed.

CHARACTER 1:TheMysteriousHood

TheMysteriousHood has suffered some changes after the war.

After the war,his clothes have turned more red from all of destruction,they have tattered to some extent, which made him resemble Dementors from Harry Potter series.

He was left in permanent winter version,after his summer version was unfortunate enough to die.Due of clothes being enchanted with magic,might and chemicals he became biologically immortal,never being able to age while having no need for food,air and water.

He became extremely wise,athletic and agile,which helped him adopt to the extremely harsh wasteland.

In his free times,he plays Morin Khuur(Horsehead Fiddle),and is very optimistic about the time when the timeline will reset,for he know that it will happen.He has long given up on almost all technologies.

More coming soon.

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