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This is fiction so don't get afraid or think it's real ๐Ÿ˜Š. This is for entertainment purposes only. Inspired by Shadow of Unknown, the one of the most popular creepypasta here.

Once there was a bad hacker called Bill in minecraft. He used to hack into the servers and spam by using disturbing words. Mostly, he got banned. The admins said to him stop and think about what he's doing, but he didn't stop.

Later, he began hacking other accounts in a minecraft wiki, and he too, got banned. Later some admin called the police about the hacker and arrested him. The hacker died in the middle of a speech with a police officer due to anger and heart attack. He didn't have a YouTube account, and admins laughed for the hacker's demise.

But one night, a YouTube video hosted by IAMBILLGHOST was watched by nearly 5 million people. If you look into its profile, the page will be 404'd. The video showed of Bill laughing while snapping a girl's neck. Then the screen blacked out, and the sound of the girl's skull being crushed can be heard in the background. No one commented the video, because they thought it was a ghostly video that curses any people who comment the video. The only one who commented was a girl named Sally, saying that it's way too creepy for YouTube, later she was found dead on her bedroom with 4 knife wounds in her chest and 2 at the back. This was unknown if the video was really a death trap.

Later, a boy, who was Marvin, claims he made contact with the mysterious killer. "It just said,"Stop banning me or I'll kill you!"" says Marvin. 2 days later Marvin's head was chopped off and his body was lying in the ground. This killer has been known as "The who" for its unknown identity. Most people thinks it's Bill resurrected by some black magic. Or maybe it was Bill's ghost. But this, the killer, will always be known as Bill's Ghost, or the most recognizable name is "The Who", 9 million people had been used the name "The Who".

Some weeks later, admins had been murdered. Kids were frightened. Teens were serious. Admins lived in danger. These are the servers The Who haunts: 1.CreepGames 2.CatchyDogGames 3.Xeno Build Battle 4. ILLUMINATISERVER. Don't find these servers and play them, or you'll ring the death bell.