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The First of the Victims


Subject: The Three-legged crow



Hello. The Yatagarasu is coming. You will be the sacrifice in the ritual. We will be with you very shortly.


This is an automated email. Do not reply.

Matthew was frozen in fear. He knew he had done wrong when he took advice from Lucas, the kid who was well known for his jokes that ended in chaos. All the popular kids, such as Charlie 'the Chav' and Ben had tried it, but he immediately thought they were lying.There was no-one to run to. His mother was fast asleep already. The computer then strangely shut off on its own.

Then, the wind blew across his face.

This was peculiar. It was the middle of the night, on a day which was supposed to be sunny. Then he heard the screech of a bird. He turned around and saw it.

 Then appeared a massive bird. Matthew had never seen it before. Its blood red eyes emitted some strange red flame and the bird (which looked a lot like a crow) had a red aura around it. However, the most prominent feature was that it had three legs. Without giving Matthew any time to act, it charged towards him, its beak aiming for his heart.

A blood-curdling scream rang throughout the air, which was heard by nobody since it was the middle of the night. Little did Matthew know, his mother had recieved the same email and was killed the same way some time before. Drops of blood splattered onto the floorboards as Matthew’s limp body crashed onto the ground, with crimson blood leaking out of him and a gaping hole in his chest. If the police were called, there would be little evidence. There would be no ectoplasm, no fingerprints on any of the cutlery, no ID and no DNA. The murderer had left no trace of itself.

And so the Yatagarasu claimed its first victim.

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